Friday, 11 May 2012


BA flight 15, London -Singapore -Sydney (segment of JFK- Sydney 04/18/12 -04/20/12)

"English breakfast or omelet?" the steward cheerfully inquired. Even in my semi-comatose state my mind snapped to attention -English breakfast, no contest! No matter how much you attempt to drug or drink yourself into the appropriate level of oblivion on a flight this long, meals are still a most welcome distraction. In fact, I wish I had taken the time to take a picture of my breakfast, not just to show you -it would have prolonged the pleasure of having something to do a bit longer. Let's see what we have here: Eggs, is it scrambled or an omelet? a tablespoon of sauteed button mushrooms, one slice loin bacon, a 'banger', half broiled tomato and some fried 'riced' potatoes. They managed to pack a good facsimile of an English breakfast into a 6" x 4" x 1 1/2" oval tray -but ah-ha, no baked beans, or cold white bread toast. And of course the eggs were a bit rubbery, but you can't expect BA to have someone in the galley turning out fresh omelets for everyone. Like I say, find someplace else to eat. As to the plastic cutlery, is there a greater risk of long-suffering economy passengers turning their knives and forks against the attendants than from the pampered travelers in business class? Then again, we did receive real dinnerware with some of our meals on our seemingly endless time in the air. A good feeling, they respect, or least trust us. Anyway, accompanying this was a cup of 'Upstate Farm Fresh' blueberry non-fat yogurt (4 oz.), fruit salad of four 1" cubes of watermelon with five green seedless grapes, 'Minutemaid 100% Orange Juice (5 oz.), small 'kaiser' roll in clear plastic envelope, one pat of Land O' Lakes 'Buttery Taste Spread' (4% butter), pack of Smuckers strawberry jam (1/2 oz.), a small rectangular danish-like sweet bun, and one sealed cup of spring drinking water. For a beverage I had the good, hot tea. Oh, wait a minute, that was the English breakfast on the JFK -Heathrow leg of our journey or the one somewhere over the Gulf Of Oman? Or before landing in Sydney? On our way to Oz, with a brief stopover in Singapore for the crew to regain their sanity, we got to enjoy the breakfast twice, or was it three times? After this long in the air, I start to get mixed-up.  Long -haul and short, we got a pretty fair shake from British Airways as far as the in-flight hospitality went.

-three and a half Zaremstars, there were a lot of meals.